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Headaches & Migraines Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Feeling 80% Better after One Visit

Thank you so much for all the relief you have given me for my headaches stemming from my neck pain. Not only have I seen improvement over the months I’ve been coming in, but on several occasions, I have stumbled into your office with a blinding headache and left with complete relief. This has enabled me to perform better at my work and enjoy my evenings at home with my family. Thank you so much!

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Rowe R.

I went to see Dr. Ridgeway after dealing with years of back pain, and I should have came in sooner! My back was feeling more flexible after a few visits. I had another flare up, but Dr. Ridgeway was able to help bring the pain back under control again. I cannot recommend the Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center enough.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Kyle Jones.

I have been a migraine suffer for almost 35 years. It affects my life greatly-sometimes daily. The pain is so severe that I don’t leave my house for a day or two at a time. I have these migraines at least once a week. I have tried many meds for preventative care but none are very helpful and most have terrible side effects. A couple of weeks ago I came in for my first visit with Dr. Ridgeway. I was experiencing my usual migraine and body pain. After receiving my first adjustment, my body pain subsided as did my migraine. I have never received any type of medical care and gotten that kid of immediate pain relief. I have been continuing my visits to Dr. Ridgeway. I have had 6 more treatments since then and my headaches have not been as severe as usual and my body pain is much improved. I used to have constant pain behind my left eye, almost like a tooth ache and that is gone now. I don’t dread waking up like I used to. I look forward to my continued recovery and good health. I believe I have finally found the answer after 35 years of migraine pain.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Mark S.

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