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Hip & Leg Pain Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Thank you for the help I received over the past 2 months. Before seeing you for chiropractic care, I was experiencing a problem with my right knee and its range of motion. It was about to lock up on me while I was at the gym and sometimes walking at a faster gait proved challenging. I also had a stiff and sore back. As I started to get help I thought “well good, these areas are going to feel better." Much to my surprise, there has been much more than a knee. Now with normal range of motion and no pain, as well as a less stiff back. I walk better. I am more aware of my posture. Stretching out is easier, exercising is less strenuous. My sinuses started to drain (wow!) Simply put, I feel better throughout my body and mind. Thank you for your help and thank you for understanding when I was initially reluctant to come in and try a new approach to my overall health.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Michael M.

SPLAT! That was me falling on my butt from a ladder onto a tile floor. PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! Couldn't walk, or sit. Three compressed discs and tweaked pelvis. My left leg was 2" shorter than it should be. Did I mention there was a lot of pain? Yes. A lot. Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike. He put me on the LCD program. This uses a disc decompression table to straighten your spine. There are not many of these tables around. I'm about halfway thru my treatment and my PAIN is greatly reduced, I can stand, sit and almost walk unassisted. I'm taller. I highly recommend Dr. Mike. Try it.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Gary Wilson.

Dr. Michael Ridgeway, owner of natural health center is not only a very professional and skilled chiropractor, but listens and administers treatment with expertise and kindness. I have rheumatoid arthritis causing debilitating pain despite traditional medical treatment. After my daughter gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture, I went with skepticism-if traditional medicine could help me, why would acupuncture? Dr. Ridgeway uses low voltage electric current applied to the acupuncture point, no needles. I was shocked when after, the third treatment I felt better than I had in a year! But, the doubt continued and did the treatments. I could not understand how such a simple painless treatment could help me so much. I informed my rheumatologist about the acupuncture and the chiropractic treatments I had just started. He was very pleased to hear how successful it was for me and encouraged the treatments. Like many things in life, one treatment may not do the trick, but I found that in conjunction with traditional medicine I can live and enjoy the freedom from pain that was smothering my life. Skepticism gone! Dr. Ridgeway is a gift that my daughter doesn’t realized changed my life.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Amy W.

I had a stress fracture in my right foot and wore a boot for a few days. My right hip was hurting a lot. Dr. Ridgeway did an adjustment on a Saturday after hours. It relieved the pain and my wife told me that she could see a big difference in my walking.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Joe S.

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