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Shoulder & Arm Pain Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

I am a competitive weightlifter and depend on my body to perform at the highest levels. Recently I had severe shoulder pain, limiting my performance and keeping me out of competition. I had seen several other doctors, two of whom recommend surgery. I was not willing to take the risk so I sought one last option. I saw Dr. Ridgeway and he immediately defined the problem. Within 2 weeks I was lifting with no pain and was finally able to achieve the kind of strength I needed to perform at my best. Recently I benched a personal best weight of just over 300 pounds, 60 pounds over my previous best. Thank you Dr. Ridgeway.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Shannon T.

After having two surgeries to correct L arm and neck issues after being rear ended, I was very hesitant after yet another rear end accident — this one a hit and run. I’m very happy to say I have my L arm ‘back’ WITHOUT surgery!! My neck issues have steadily improved since the accident!! Dr. Ridgeway is a total professional. He won’t do adjustments that aren’t warranted. He listens and makes a treatment plan with you. He keeps assessing to assure you are improving. I decided to keep seeing him after my auto insurance coverage ran out. My neck has never really healed from the surgeries I had — but using his treatment plan and NASA developed neck decompression — I am more comfortable after—- over a year of extra treatments— the increase of pain free days I now enjoy are due to this care. That’s a win! Use a professional that knows his field and works with you for a treatment plan that works!!

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
David Armatis.

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